I’m one of the lucky few who have been blessed with interzone skin: I never experienced perfect skin between the breakouts of my youth and the effects of time, stress, sun & gravity of my late 20s. I don’t know where I get it because my mom never had acne and has never worn a stitch of concealer (or sunscreen) on her face and still has glowing skin well into her fifties. Outside of her sun worshipping tendencies, she spares no expense when it comes to skin care. She’s always trying new products to find the next big thing. I guess I see where I get it from.

She’s experimented with everything from plastic surgery to European spa treatments. Like my own beauty research, sometimes things work and somethings they don’t. Sometimes she tries things that seem so out there that I automatically assume they’re going to be a big waste of money. Such was the case with the NuSkin ageLoc Spa System.

It would be a massive understatement to say I was skeptical when she first hauled out the big blue box holding her expensive new beauty toy. The NuSkin ageLoc is a galvanic skin toner, just like the NuFace Facial Toner. It works by sending gentle electrical impulses into the skin in order to tone the infrequently used muscles that lead to sagging jowls and deep wrinkles.

A few years ago when my brother in law was still quite young and not yet out of his baby fat phase, he saw an infomercial for the Flex Belt. It worked on the same premise – electrical currents would tone the abdominal muscles and give you abs.  Obviously, it sounded ridiculous and was met with skepticism all around. But it turned into a months long saga. He just wouldn’t give up, convinced this velcro tabbed elastic belt was all that stood between him and a six pack.

He finally got his wish that Christmas and to no one’s surprise, by early spring his so coveted Flex Belt was cast aside in a forgotten drawer somewhere and he was no closer to getting a six pack. When we asked him about it he casually shrugged it off like “oh, it doesn’t work” – as if he suspected it all along. Pfft…teenagers.

So when my mom proudly hauled out her NuSkin system, I had this story in the back of my mind. I just couldn’t believe that it was anything but a gimmick. She diligently used her system and raved about it. I got more and more adamant to prove it doesn’t really work. Finally, I decided to do some research and let her down gently with cold hard facts.

Turns out, I was wrong. To my total surprise, galvanic skin conditioning is legit. I wrote a whole post about it here. Also, I borrowed my mom’s NuSkin. I’ve had it in my beauty closet for way too long now but haven’t started a regimen yet because I’ve been testing glycolic acid (love amazing works so well) and face yoga (also amazing – will write a post soon) while also perfecting my micro needling routine. Now that I know the effects of glycolic acid and face yoga, I can start a 30 day galvanic microcurrent therapy regimen that I can assess without interference. I’ll take before and after pictures, write about my experience using the NuSkin, and write a final assessment post 30 days after I start.

Maybe my mom is on to something. After all, she has a wealth of experience and the glowing skin to prove it.