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How Micro Needling Fixed My Skin! Micro Needling For Acne Scars, Dark Spots & Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

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I've had acne since my pre-teens. Clear skin seemed like such a simple goal but it was always so out of reach. Nothing I tried worked for very long and the [...]

How To Use A Micro Needling Device Step By Step

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The steps involved in a micro needling treatment are the same no matter what your skin care goals are. They fall broadly into 3 phases: Pre-Treatment, Treatment, and After Care. [...]

How to Customize Your Skin Care Routine In 5 Easy Steps+ 10 Tips For The Perfect Skincare Routine Infographic

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I was in a vicious skin damaging cycle until I discovered the importance of a well researched and customized skin care routine. I wasted so much money and time. Thinking [...]

How To Identify Your Skin Type & Treat It Right

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We all have skin goals. Somewhere in the back of your mind there's a image of your perfect skin.  At T5B we're strong believers in the power of a skin care [...]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Micro Needling

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  Micro Needling Overview Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), or as it's more commonly known micro needling or skin needling, is a procedure in which a number of micro-punctures are made in [...]

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